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Notarial Fees

Professional notarial services at a fair cost.

We have a minimum fee of £100. No VAT is currently payable.

The fees of a notary public reflect the due diligence that need to be undertaken, the skills and experience of the notary and the fact that a Notary is a highly regulated legal professional.

Our fees are based on the time taken for the whole transaction, including the time required to keep a notarial record of each transaction and ensure that relevant records are retained.

Time taken includes: making the appointment; travelling or waiting time; meetings; telephone calls; considering, preparing and working on papers; and correspondence including email.

Fees may also be payable to third parties involved in checking and authenticating information. These can include the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, foreign embassies, consular agents dealing with legalisation of documents, Companies House search fees, translation fees, courier/postage charges and other potential third-party costs.

Fees depend on the complexity of the work involved but are likely to range from £80 for a straight forward notarial act to significantly more for complex international transactions. Our current hourly rate is £300.  We will always provide you with an estimate of fees.

Looking for notarial services in London?

We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering a leading legal service in all areas of notarial practice.

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